We’re Setting a Record at the Great Cloth Diaper Change!

mrbgcdcThe launch of our new National Mommy Bag Marketing Program is off to an exciting start with the upcoming Great Cloth Diaper Change taking place at 11:00am local time on April 26!The Great Cloth Diaper Change is a Guinness World Records setting and fundraising event for The Real Diaper Association where cloth diapering families from all around the world set out to pass the previous year’s record of the most babies changed into cloth diapers in a 24 hour time span!

We are overjoyed to be sending out over 2100 Mommy Resource Bags to 19 local and national #GCDC2014 locations!  (We’re setting a little record of our own!)

The goal of the Great Cloth Diaper Change event is to raise awareness of the benefits of cloth diapering on a local level.  At these events, cloth diapering families will meet other like-minded families, learn more about cloth diapers, and help to set another world record!

This year, there are 240 registered GCDC Hosts in 15 different countries around the world. Here’s how that number breaks down: 5 in Australia, 7 in Belgium, 1 in Brazil, 34 in Canada, 1 in Costa Rica, 1 in Germany, 4 in Spain, 5 in Great Britain, 2 in Italy, 1 in Japan, 1 in Korea, 2 in Mexico, 1 in the Philippines, 2 in Puerto Rico, and 173 in the USA.

We would like to thank our National Sponsors for these bags:

Need Brands
Empowered Momma
Mother’s Lounge
Susan Brown’s Baby
Plum Organics

If you’re interested in learning more about The Great Cloth Diaper Change, please feel free to visit their website!  Also, to find a location nearest you, take a look at the location map and get connected!

How To Get Noticed In Our Mommy Resource Bags™

So you’ve visited our website and purchased a marketing package with us. We are so glad to have you join our family of advertisers! We truly want you to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

We’ve already done a lot of the work for you. Instead of being sandwiched in between dozens of like businesses in a directory or phone book, you’ll be the only business of your kind in our Mommy Resource Bags! Also, if you’ve chosen a package that includes social media options, we’ll put our stamp of approval on your business and talk you up. We’ll also hand pick events that will give your business a chance to shine. You’ll get a variety of events: small ones, large ones, and in between ones.

We want your business personality to be “heard” when we place you in our Mommy Resource Bags and send you right into the homes of your target market … moms. How can you accomplish that?

Oh – SO glad you asked! We’ve compiled 11 ways to make your inserts stand out:MBM-LOGO-500x261

1. Give moms a reason to want to find out more. We’ve found that inserts that offer a discount or freebie of some sort get more attention. If you include a coupon code that works on your website, you’ll be able to track response to your marketing materials. Make your inserts interesting enough that a mom will look at them and then want to find your website, or connect with you on social media.

2. Be clear. Do not write a book about your business, just put enough information that will send moms to your website or to contact you for more. Be sure to deliver your message clearly without confusion.

3. Show that you care. Please spell check and proofread before sending your inserts to your coordinator. Misspellings and incorrect grammar immediately make your inserts look unprofessional.

4. Make Yourself Look Credible Have you ever received spam mail, or papers attached to your windshield or doorknob? Make your inserts as unlike this as possible. Sheets of paper often get disregarded. When you print out your inserts on sheets of paper, moms often view them as spam and won’t give them a second glance. We suggest using postcard, half page, or bookmark sizes to make your inserts look more artsy. If your budget allows, have your postcards printed professionally.

5. Amazing inserts do NOT have to be expensive.You can make your postcards, bookmarks, or little sample bags at home. You can also contact your local coordinator to get suggestions of printing services that will allow you to design professional, glossy, marketing materials and have them shipped right to your coordinator.

6. Keep our moms informed. If you are placing food samples in our bags, please clearly label them with ingredient information.

7. Family Friendly Only! One of the main requirements we have about inserts that go into our bags is that they be family friendly. We’d like everything inside the bag to be appropriate for the entire family – children included. Please keep this in mind when designing your inserts, and if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask your local coordinator.

8. It’s All About Branding Just like any form of marketing, we can’t guarantee sales, although that is our goal for each one of you! However, what we *can* guarantee, is that we will use our two pronged approach (inserts and social media) to allow your potential customers to remember YOU when they have a need for your product or service.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Switch It Up If you don’t want to distribute all your inserts at once, consider distributing them seasonally. If you have a 500 insert package, why not make up 250 for the current seasonal sales you are having, and then do another insert when those are distributed? It is always great to make your inserts coincide with the season or holidays that are on the calendar.

10. Be Patient Remember that branding is the goal. Our bag recipients may not have a flood in their basement currently, but if they do, they are going to grab your magnet off of their refrigerator and call you in a hurry! Maybe they don’t have anyone to give your scented soaps to at the moment, but if they’ve connected with you on social media, they’ll purchase during your Cyber Monday Sale. Perhaps they put your free shipping coupon inside their day planner, but when they see our corporate facebook post featuring one of your products, they will grab that coupon and you’ll have a sale.

11. Use Your Package You would not believe how many clients we have that purchase packages and then do not use them! Please let us spread the word about your business – we are eager and ready to do it. If you have social media in your marketing package, make sure that you enter your information here after your purchase.

Below are some of the inserts that made US take notice, and a peek inside a few of our Mommy Resource Bags from different territories. Enjoy!

Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study

Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study By Ashley Ferris

About the Book:

Let’s explore the gift of friendship- what a devoted friendship looks like, how to handle the waiting period, and how to deepen current, valued friendships.

If you are in a season where you find yourself light on friends, I want this study to be an encouragement that this season will have an expiration date.

If you are in a place where you feel you have many friends, I hope you can use this study to evaluate the depth and purpose of those friendships.

It may spur you to take risks to deepen some already beautiful friendships. It may also help you see that there are some unhealthy ties that may need to be prayed over and potentially ended.

Finally, if you have friendships that are deep, but you tend to pull away when you are confronted, I hope you will see the value that lies before you. I pray that you will endure uncomfortable conversations with deep friends (that you know have your best interests at heart) in order to grow in friendship and as a daughter of the King.

Connect with author Ashley Ferris here:
Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


We are so excited to celebrate this Kindle new release with you by hosting a giveaway! Just enter for your chance to win a Kindle copy of Friendship – Four Week Mini Bible Study and a $50 Kindle gift card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: Some affiliate links have been used within this post!

This giveaway is sponsored by the Becoming Press Book Launch Bloggers.

Bye Bye Newsletter–Hello Blog!

You might be wondering why you’re receiving your monthly Mommy Bag Marketing update in this format instead of the Newsletter that you’ve known and (hopefully) loved for years now!

The thing is that at Mommy Bag Marketing, Inc. we love that our trademark is creating innovative, practical, and fun ways to present our clients to our great group of moms! And we felt that in order to keep up with the times we needed to do a little something less “Oh let’s click the delete button on that month old news” and something a little more 2014.

So starting now anytime there is something fresh and new to share with you–you’ll get it at 9 a.m. Monday-Friday. If there’s not–then we won’t be filling up your inbox! That way you’ll never miss out on a giveaway, important update, or special sale. We are working towards building a blog full of amazing content that both our Mom base and Advertisers alike will be able to use and love!

So welcome aboard–it’s going to be an amazing ride!

Keeping Baby Cozy and Dry – The Carseat Canopy

We feel honored to be able to work with Mother’s Lounge! They offer so many amazing products for mamas. The Carseat Canopy™ has “your baby covered,” and is perfect for all year round use.

I got a chance to test out The Whole Caboodle, and it absolutely transformed my infant carseat. Included in The Whole Caboodle is the Car Seat Canopy, Minky Slip Cover, Minky Head Support Pillow, Baby Lap Blanket, and a Replacement Umbrella with Minky Underside.

carseat canopy

What will you LOVE about the Carseat Caboodle?

(Items below are included)

The whole caboodle

~ No more receiving blanket mishaps ~ draping the blanket over the carseat to protect baby, only to have it catch the wind and fly down the street. The canopy has velcro tabs that attach to the carseat handle, and thoroughly and adequately covers your precious bundle.

~ Make it your own by getting your canopy embroidered.

~ You can’t stay home every time it rains! No one wants to brave the elements with a baby, but unfortunately life doesn’t stop when it rains. The Carseat Canopy will keep your baby dry.

~ Guard your sleeping baby. There are times when a sleeping baby REALLY needs to stay asleep!

~ Messes Happen. The canopy is machine washable – totally necessary when you have little ones.

~ I have to gush a bit about how soft and gorgeous this set is. You will love the modern and stylish print choices, along with the plush minky underside.

You probably knew this was coming, but GREAT NEWS! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to giveaway a carseat caboodle to one of YOU! Enter below.

Connect with Carseat Canopy on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

Interview with the Owner of eclectic Paperie


Tell us a little about yourself:  My name is Kim Schofield, I am the owner of eclectic Paperie.  I’m a (mostly) SAHM living in Fremont, NH with my husband, our two children, a cat, and a bunch of chickens (yes…we own chickens!). My background is in high-tech marketing communications and event management, however, my passion is paper crafting and for many years I dreamed of being able to merge my love of all things crafty with my marketing background. My dream become a reality in 2012 when I purchased eclectic Paperie from an industry friend.

Give us a description of your company and what makes it unique:  eclectic Paperie is a different breed of craft store, conceived as more than just a place where you can purchase supplies, we believe in the strength of collaboration, in coming together and sharing with like-minded crafters. Our goal is to offer a mixed media marketplace where a generation of artists can congregate, explore, imagine, and inspire one another.

Acquiring your craft materials from us becomes just another flowing step in the process of creation – we want to not only supply the raw materials of your creativity but to actually encourage and participate in sharing your creative acts. We view you not only as a customer, but as a partner.

What sets us apart from other online and local craft product suppliers is our high level of personalized customer service, and how we work with our customers to provide education, tips, and tools to help them discover all of their creative potential.

 What part of your job do you love the most:  Teaching….Nothing is more exciting than learning a new technique and then passing that information on to others.  I love when customers send me emails and ask me about how to use a product or stop by our store to share their latest creation.  The customer interaction is what really excites me and makes all the work so worth it!

 How long have you been in business:  The online store was launched in 2007 and I purchased the business in 2012.  In December of 2013, we opened a 600 sq. ft. studio and store in downtown Exeter.

 What inspires you to do the work you do:  The people….the artists that I learn from and the others that I have met and come to know throughout my many years in the craft industry.  I adore the products that are out there in the market and love working with them but it’s the close knit community that exists within the craft world, the numerous friendships that have been developed, and the depth of sharing and support that makes this industry so different than others and what inspires me each and every day.

How do you balance your work and life: You’re assuming I am successful in balancing my work and life!  Goodness, it’s very difficult and I think one of the biggest struggles that all small business owners face.  I work a lot…and much of that work happens in the evenings, after my husband is done with work and able to watch our two boys.  I find that when I set and follow a schedule each day that things run more smoothly and I accomplish more.  I also don’t do any work on Sundays, which provides me (and our family) with a wonderful break from our normal routine.

Where can our readers go to find out more about your company and purchase your products/services?  They can visit our online store, 24/7, at www.eclecticpaperie.com and can visit our studio, located at 121 Water St. (lower level), Exeter, NH on Tues & Thurs from 2:30-6, Fri from 12-6, and Sat from 10-5.  In our studio, we offer a wide variety of classes and ongoing education.

Best Dressed For Less Consignment Sale


Mommy Bag Marketing, Inc. LOVES BDFL! They have been one of our loyal advertisers for several years now in Philly Metro. You can read our business highlight about them here.

Best Dressed for Less is almost

South Jersey’s largest children’s
consignment event will be open to the public on Thursday, March 27 through
Saturday, March 29 at their new venue:

The Life Center at Fountain of Life Church
2035 Burlington-Columbus Road – Burlington Township NJ

Best Dressed for Less brings
together 500+ consignors and more than 50,000 gently used seasonal items
in one place, at one time. No more hot summer weekends spent searching
garage sales, no more long hours spent online at eBay. You will never need
to shop at overpriced department stores again. BDFL has organized
everything in one location, just like a retail store – but without the
high prices. Prepare yourself for 3 days of bargain shopping like you have
never seen before.

Want to shop before Best Dressed for Less opens
to the public?

Raising A Family On A Budget
is giving away 6 pairs of pre-sale passes, so that you and a friend
can shop ’til you drop starting at 6pm on Wednesday, March 26. Please
fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will
end on Sunday, March 23.

Rafflecopter giveaway

The Best Dressed for Less Pre-Sale is
open by invitation only. Winners will check in at the main doors and will
need to show their prize letter (will be sent via email) & ID to
confirm that they are on “the list” to shop the pre-sale. The pre-sale
will be open from 6-9pm on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. No
early entry will be permitted. Each winner may bring one guest to shop
with them. There are no strollers permitted during the
pre-sale. BDFL accepts cash and credit card payments.

Interview with Elena Leppard of Undercover Mama

How Undercover Mama was Born
Tell us a little about yourself: I am the mother of three and the wife of a Fire Fighter.  I love my family, I love to ski and I love to travel.  My motto is “work hard, play hard”.
Give us a description of your company and what makes it unique:  Undercover Mama is a mom invented, mom owned and mom operated business.  Our nursing shirts help women keep their existing wardrobe without investing a lot of money on nursing shirts.  Our tanks attach to any nursing bra which allows any shirt to become a nursing shirt.
What part of your job do you love the most?  I love being able to work from home with my kids and I love the women I work with.
How long have you been in business? About 5 Years
What inspires you to do the work you do?:  I love interacting with women who have similar passions that I do.  I love working with new start up mom entrepreneurs and feel motivated by their success.  And of course, our whole goal with Undercover Mama is to support women in their breast feeding journey.
How do you balance your work and life? I’m not sure anyone has found an exact balance but for me, family comes first.  My husband shares the role with me as Mr. Mom and as a team we work together to find that balance with both of our working schedules to take care of our family.
Where can our readers go to find out more about your company and purchase your products/services? You can go to http://undercovermama.com/ to find out about our product, watch videos, read our blog and purchase our items.

Safe Emails for Kids – Kids Email.org

brittany.oler_KidsEmailLogoKidsEmail.org provides the safest e-mail you can get for your kids! Our mission is to protect children from predators and questionable e-mail. We give parents the tools to protect their children in a manner that is simple and effective. Parents can get copied on any incoming/outgoing messages, filter out bad words and images, there is no spam or advertising so your children will never see anything inappropriate, and we also offer much more!

brittany.oler_kidsemail3233Kids Email is free to try for 30 Days, there is no credit card required to test out the services. Please visit us at http://www.kidsemail.org to start your free trial today!